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Upcoming retreats dates and prices

November - date to be confirmed £450 - please email me to check

I will also be running several one day retreats for £99 - if interested please email me for more information

If you would like to make a group booking, or book a private retreat please call me on 07919330932 to discuss options and pricing.

If you wish to book any of the retreats and wish to pay in instalments please email / call me to make plan - I am happy to offer this.

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About our retreats

The idea of running these retreats from our two luxury holiday homes in Wales materialised from the realisation that EVERYONE needs some time out, to take stock of what's really important in life and to nurture the self - not because crises forces this but because we all deserve some 'me time' and to find out who that 'me' really is!

You matter, you are important, you have one life - and we hope these retreats are one small step towards helping everyone who comes to reduce stress and live their best life.

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Not taking time for ourselves to unwind and get away from the pressures that life puts on us can result in mental fatigue, bad life choices, poor diet, stress, lack of sleep and ultimately ill health. Could this be you? Read on …

We are passionate about what we offer on our retreats and each one is slightly different. The intention is that everyone who comes will feel warmly welcomed, have some real time out to relax, rebalance, feel peaceful, de stress and learn a little whilst meeting like minded people.

There will be group sessions at each retreat which will include :

The ancient and powerful practise of Hatha Yoga (gentle and suitable for beginners) and mediations for a deep relaxation. This will help still your mind and soothe your nervous system allowing you the opportunity to hear your heart and connect to yourself beyond the noise of daily life. Led by Ruth Harlow

A short mindfulness course to inspire and motivate, some thoughts and insights about living in the present moment and managing the constant chatter that invades our minds - really great food for thought.

A fun group session on 'The essence of you' or 'My map/Your map' which allow an insight into our life choices and perhaps some clarity about our path. The intention in all these sessions are to allow you time to pause, question and think about what really matters, then focus on how to navigate your map to help you achieve what you want to in your one, precious life. Led by Emma Melrose Personal Coach and spiritualist.

*the above are subject to change so please speak to me before booking to check exactly what's booked for the retreat you plan to book.

It is very informal and warm, and there is no pressure to join in anything you are not comfortable with - you can just be present and not share anything if you so wish. All that's needed is your presence.

There will be a beach walk and a country walk to get out in nature to enjoy the landscape and elements and blow away the cobwebs leaving you feeling refreshed and happy! Evenings may be spent with the group socialising, or peacefully taking time out in your own space. The hot tub and sauna are available for use and there will be reading and some after dinner games or talks for those who fancy it. The optional extra treatments such as Reiki, Massage, Alexander technique, Reflexology and various Beauty treatments may be done in the evenings after dinner on some retreats depending on what's scheduled during the day.

All meals are included which will be vegetarian, locally produced and organic where possible. Arrival is 1pm for lunch, then there will be dinner int the evening, for any full days there will be breakfast lunch and dinner, departure is by 10.00am after breakfast and a walk if you fancy it. Providing healthy, delicious food is part of nurturing you during your stay. Recipes can be provided for all meals which are homemade in house.

Accommodation is included in twin or triple rooms.

If you want to book a room by yourself there is a supplement of £200 so please message me about this before booking.

Use of the hot tub is included for evening relaxation.

There are optional extras (bookable directly with me in advance) where practitioners come to the house and offer:
Facials and dermablading
Botox and fillers

The real focus will be on the things that matter in life; health, happiness, peace, relaxation, friendships, gratitude, nature and mindful choices, with some fun along the way. We hope the retreat can boost self esteem and confidence by instilling a sense of self awareness and choice, we know the retreat will definitely be an opportunity to fully relax!

So, come alone, with a mum or sister or daughter, or book a group by emailing me.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have and I will be so delighted to help. There are very limited places on each retreat as the maximum number we can accommodate is 12 and in 2020 there will only be 4 retreats open to the public so please book early to avoid disappointment.

The Team

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Laura - As the owner of the holiday homes (Dyffryn house and The Croft in Kidwelly, Wales) and the founder of these retreats I am delighted to welcome various people to help me run what I hope are to become known the most wonderful retreats in Carmarthenshire, Wales. I am lucky enough to have a core team of women who have a wealth of experience and skills to make each retreat very special indeed.

I am a hardworking and focussed person who loves life, my children, my husband and my dogs! I co manage 3 business with my husband and know what's its like to feel over loaded and like life is passing by in a whirlwind without really taking time to stop and notice the choices being made. I am a facilitator and my intention is to make relaxing, positive, life enhancing experiences available for lots of women who need to take a breath! I do the catering for the retreats myself as I love to cook really nourishing delicious food and aim to inspire you about making good food choices to make you feel good.

2019 was a big year for me as I took the opportunity to take time out (for the first time ever!) to really focus on the things that I am passionate about and make big life changes. Part of that involved meeting some amazing people, opening my mind, trying new things, and learning a lot more about holistic approaches and the importance of mindfulness and relaxation for physical and mental well being.

I discovered the peacefulness that yoga and mediation can bring, focussed on really healthy organic food and cooking to nurture, spent more time noticing things rather than rushing and spent more time out in nature. I read loads about expanding my mind and making the right choices in this one life that we have and feel what I learnt and am continuing to learn is that we are on a journey in this life and we can choose the path we take and the mindset that we take with us.

Sharing what I had learnt with other woman, and bringing together the people who had had such a great impact on me last year to help me do this gave rise to the idea of running these retreats. Emma, Ruth and Jo are my go to team and they have a huge positive impact on each and every one! All women deserve and need to take some precious time for themselves. Women often care for everyone except themselves - I want to be part of changing this and offer to show you a different, more peaceful, mindful, fulfilled path where your physical and mental health are highly valued and your essence has a chance to really shine.

I am so grateful to have the resource to put on these retreats and very excited to meet all the women that come along and ' join our tribe'. You are important, you matter, you have one wonderful life and these retreats could be a little seed of change which allow you to really flourish. So, come as a single, as friends, sisters or mum and daughter and experience some wonderful time out with like minded people.

If you would like to speak about attending any of the retreats, putting on a retreat yourself in one of our houses or having me organise a private retreat for you (groups of 8+) then I am very open to any suggestions and welcome any ideas. Perhaps you have a skill or something positive you would like to offer to be actively involved in running a retreat - if so then please get in touch as I am always open to new ideas.
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Em is best described as an empowerment coach. She holds the belief that within us are the resources to live a happy and peaceful life. Along with her experience as a Reiki Master and NLP practitioner she has a bag packed with tools and techniques to help release inner potential and offers a guiding hand to take the first step.

Her group session stimulates curiosity and in relaxed atmosphere will support you to:

  • • realise your personal values and how they show up in your life NOW 
    • reflect on your relationship between needs and values 
    • tune into what ‘lights you up’, appreciate your signature skills and how to use them to live the “extraordinary life” you choose
    • understand how your actions influence connections with others
    • release your limiting beliefs 
    • practise daily gratitude and journaling
“For me, life is a unique journey of discovery and constant learning. We can experience our best life when we have clarity on our values, choose beliefs that serve us well and take productive action to the situations that we face”.
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Ruth - Founder of Awaken Your Soul yoga (
Ruth has travelled extensively from Bali, to Thailand and India and is a truly wonderful and inspirational Yoga teacher and coach. Her skills are yoga, mediation, coaching, psycho spiritual work, and writing. In 2014 Ruth moved to the Gower Peninsula and has been working with both groups and individuals running weekend and day retreats teaching yoga and leading Kirtan, writing and sharing poems, offering re birthing (breath work) sessions. Ruth feels that her life purpose is to help others on the journey of transformation and self reclamation ' to hear the voice of their own heart and awaken their soul'
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Jo - An inspirational woman who has such a wealth of knowledge and experiences. Jo offers short mindfulness courses in the retreats and brings with her a sense of calm and peace.
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